December 2014

Propét brings game-changing ideas to footwear with stabilizing technology and variable flexibility

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The New Year will find Propét USA continuing its expansion of its comfort and therapeutic footwear offerings. In collaboration with its first podiatric advisor, foot and ankle surgeon Harold Schoenhaus, DPM, Propét will continue to build its new line of footwear featuring the patent-pending Rejuve Motion Technology—a stabilizing heel cup that minimizes pronation. And it will expand its marketing efforts to promote the Propét Preferred AdaptaStep, a recovery shoe with variable flexibility that promotes healing and comfort after surgery or trauma.

“Propét has a long history in the comfort footwear category and a strong background in providing shoes for the thera­- peutic market,” said Schoenhaus, explaining why he began working with the company on the new product lines. “In addition, they are aggressively focused on growing their business through innovation and partnership. Their experience was a great match with my skills and expertise, and this collaboration has allowed me to bring some game-changing ideas to life.”

The relationship with Schoenhaus began about two years ago, said Propét USA Marketing Director Cecilia Lauerman. In podiatric medicine for more than 45 years, Schoenhaus, podiatric medical director at Penn Wound Care Center at Penn Presbyterian Medical Center in Philadelphia, has experienced the evolution of both the profession and the development of footwear and footcare products.

Rejuve Motion Technology

Shoes that incorporate Rejuve Motion Technology, a deep U-shaped heel cup and independent side flanges that stabilize the foot and support the arch, minimize pronation and associated symptoms, protecting not only the arches and ankles, but also the knees and hips, Schoenhaus said.

The technology is built into the advanced sole system of Rejuve shoes and is biomechanically engineered to cup the heel bone and maintain its alignment relative to the leg and ground, Lauerman said. The technology places the heel in an inverted position at heel strike so the foot can be controlled while allowing normal motion. Rejuve footwear is available in more than 25 different styles for men and women—from boots to active styles to sandals and flip-flops. Rejuve shoes are offered in men’s sizes 8 to 15 and in women’s sizes 6 to 11 and are available in up to three widths.

“We’ve had great success in launching the Rejuve footwear line”, said Marketing Director Lauerman. “These shoes have opened up some new doors for us and have allowed us to broaden our distribution into some better-grade retailers. We continue to look to this line for additional growth as we gain momentum in the market.”

In addition to the success Propét has experienced with retailers, consumers who participated in a third party study found that the Rejuve sandals they wore were effective in relieving discomfort associated with improper foot function and overpronation. (View study results online at

AdaptaStep recovery shoe

The AdaptaStep recovery shoe features Variable Flex Technology, which involves two sets of three removable rods that are inserted into the forefoot of the shoe and extend into the sole.

Clinicians can remove rods, varying the shoe’s flexibility—from rigid, to semiflexible, to flexible—as the patient recovers.

Schoenhaus said this shoe, designed to transition patients from the postoperative period back into their regular shoes, helps return flexibility to the foot and sole, speeding recovery of normal gait.

The shoes are designed to reduce edema with large compression panels and hook-and-loop closures that provide compression, but not constriction—a problem sometimes caused by the straps of other postoperative shoes, Schoenhaus said. The AdaptaStep, washable and lined with antimicrobial nanosilver, also helps reduce infection risks.

Customers for the AdaptaStep shoe will be podiatric surgeons, physical therapists, hospitals, and surgical centers, Lauerman said. She also noted that, in addition to aiding postoperative or post-traumatic recovery, the shoe, which provides off­loading and can accommodate custom orthotic inserts, also may be used to assist with diabetic wound healing and is of interest to durable medical equipment suppliers.

View Schoenhaus in two videos, both on the Propét USA website, in which he explains the benefits of Rejuve shoes ( and of the AdaptaStep recovery shoe (

Propét USA opened its doors in Washington State in 1985, and became known for comfort shoes in a variety of sizes and widths, Lauerman said. Those include the TravelWalker collection and the company’s Propét Preferred line of therapeutic footcare products.

“These new product lines will take Propét to the next level in the footcare market,” Lauerman said, “and will be a big focus of our business moving forward.”

Article sponsored by Propét USA.

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