December 2012

medi: Compression, compassion, and novel carbon fiber

By Christina Hall Nettles

medi USA, the Whitsett, NC-based manufacturing and distribution arm of the family owned, privately held German compression hosiery and O&P company, fosters innovation and active market development domestically and internationally.

With more than 320 products and patents developed and manufactured in Bayreuth, Germany, and in the US, medi USA products are represented in more than 125 countries.

The company’s compression socks and stockings are ubiquitous, even appearing in shocking pink last October during breast cancer awareness month, and, through its sports compression brand CEP, medi has integrated six decades of research and development on the effects of compression into products that allow precise incorporation of compression thread into circular knitting material. This work has resulted in an advanced compression profile for comfort, increased endurance, and fast recovery between training sessions and events for marathoners and other elite athletes.

The M4 OA and Panthera CF I are two of medi’s most innovative products.

The M4 OA knee brace is manufac­tured using some of the latest technologies to stabilize the knee joint and counteract instability caused by unilateral osteoarthritis. It safeguards against hyperextension and offers a wide adjustment range that minimizes the need for custom solutions.

The M4 utilizes a patented design that provides pain relief by offloading the affected compartment into a varus or valgus position, while increasing patient comfort to promote high compliance. It is lightweight, comfortable, and streamlined, and its anatomically premolded frame reduces torsional forces and relieves pressure on the medial or lateral joint compartment. It comes in both standard and compact models for patients of varying stature and may be recom­mended for patients who are considered too young for total knee arthroplasty.

The Panthera CF I heralds the advent of a new generation of carbon-fiber prosthetic feet that require less effort during gait. The unique heel damping and pivot principle initiate dynamic forward locomotion for early plantar contact without the “dead spot” common in some carbon-fiber products. The long continuous carbon spring is free of bolts and laminated connectors and offers significant energy storage and return for active walkers, and the foot shell has an integrated protective textile.

“The new Panthera CF I combines the comfort of a K2 foot [for amputees with limited mobility, or K2-level function] with the dynamics of carbon fiber, providing smooth and harmonious rollover for unrestricted outdoor walkers,” said Nicolas Vogel, CP, product manager for medi USA.

In 2012, medi acquired CircAid Medical Products, a company founded by a lymph­edema patient and her engineer husband seeking to specialize in develop­ing inelastic compression garments for the treatment of lymphedema, venous diseases, and other edema-related disorders.

“CircAid’s focus has always been to ensure that patients are enabled to live and maintain independent lifestyles,” said Sanaz Alagha, medi USA marketing manager. “The synergy of these companies coming together will provide the necessary resources to enhance product development and increase market visibility, all with patient care in mind.”

medi has a long history of helping those in need. Alagha noted that medi “doesn’t just send money to disaster areas, they provide hands-on care for victims.”

Their current efforts in Haiti, where the company is partnering with Austin, TX-based Hanger Prosthetics and the Hôspital Albert Schweitzer in Desjardines, are helping restore and improve Haitians’ quality of life by providing lower limb prostheses and individualized follow-up care to ensure the devices fit and adapt to patients’ unique needs.

Vogel has had the opportunity to volunteer in Haiti.

“What was gratifying to me was that even the simplest of things were so appreciated,” he said. “One transtibial amputee had issues with suspension and getting her foot to fit into her shoes. A simple review of proper usage of the sleeve and some sanding of the foot addressed the issue. The reason I mention such an ordinary example is that it really wasn’t much to me, but you could see in her face that it meant so much to her. Additional adjustments for others elicited the same level of gratitude.”

As medi grows and develops its international presence, company leaders continue to seek innovative ways to involve their customers in the development of treatment solutions.

At the online educational platform medi University, clinicians earn continuing education credits and learn more about treatment indications and solutions for phlebology, lymphology, orthopedics, prosthetics, and compression technology.

“Our company slogan is ‘medi. I feel better.’ This is a promise that becomes a reality,” Alagha explained. “With the pioneering of products, individual concepts, and a dense customer service network, we strive to make people’s lives easier, better, and more comfortable by meeting the different needs of all our customers, every day and throughout the world.”

Christina Hall Nettles is a freelance writer in Monroeville, AL.

Article sponsored by medi USA.

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