December 2016

Esteemed German-based orthotic distributor expands product line to U.S. markets

By Robyn Parets

If you’re not already familiar with Bauerfeind AG, that may soon be about to change. The German-based orthotic powerhouse has spent more than 80 years growing its line of orthoses and medical compression stockings for the athletic market. It is now poised to become a household name at U.S. orthopedic clinics.

To back up a bit, European orthopedic doctors, clinicians and therapists have been recommending and prescribing Bauerfeind’s braces and supports for years. “Our many years of experience and knowledge gained from supplying athletes and consumers alike are incorporated into the ongoing development of our products. At Bauerfeind, motion is life, the company stated.

Bauerfeind’s 50 lower extremity orthotic devices are designed with German ingenuity with one primary goal in mind: Help patients regain their mobility and well being. At the same time, the devices help reduce pain, stimulate healing with medical grade compression, and help maximize range of motion.

“We design devices to be part of your life and increase your quality of life over time,” said Scott Borjeson, U.S. Director of Marketing HCP. “Apart from the therapeutic effect, the devices are low profile and not bulky. We make it easy to put them on and take them off.”

Building traction in the United States

Professional athletes already use Bauerfeind’s devices to perform at the top of their game. In fact, the National Basketball Athletic Trainers Association (NBATA) has endorsed the company, and 27 NBA teams use Bauerfeind’s supports and braces. With a stronghold in the sports market, Bauerfeind got another vote of confidence from the Arthritis Foundation in December 2016, which tested and approved Bauerfeind’s knee orthotic devices for patients with arthritis.

“Our many years of experience and knowledge gained from supplying athletes and consumers alike are incorporated into the ongoing development of our products.”

– Scott Borjeson, U.S. Director of Marketing HCP

With the support of both the NBATA and the Arthritis Foundation, Bauerfeind USA is expanding its brand awareness by moving into orthopedic, clinical and physical therapy centers. Based out of its new U.S. headquarters in Atlanta, GA, the company and its sales team will focus on educating orthopedic doctors and therapists about Bauerfeind’s orthoses. They also plan to increase their presence at major industry meetings and events, and deliver educational information via mailings, direct marketing campaigns and news articles, Borjeson said.

“It’s important for the orthopedic community to understand that we’re not a post-op company. Rather, Bauerfeind devices are an essential part of a comprehensive clinical approach to pain management and physical therapy,” he said.

Bauerfeind has a ‘leg up’ on innovative orthoses

When it comes to developing top-notch orthoses—driven by technological innovation and an attention to detail—leave it to Bauerfeind.

Founded in 1929 by Bruno Bauerfeind, the textile company started with only one product category: medical compression stockings. Still run by the Bauerfeind family today, the company now uses computer-aided measurement and milling technology to fabricate the most effective and comfortable textile stabilization supports and braces in the industry.

Bauerfeind first widened its net to include orthoses in 1981, when it introduced its first GenuTrain knee support. Always looking to help athletes, this first knee device was a result of a request from the German soccer team. As the story goes, the team approached Bauerfeind and asked if it could manufacture a comfortable knitted knee brace that also offered compression technology, said Borjeson.

GenuTrain is now the company’s top-selling line and includes a selection of soft supports and hinged braces. Designed to provide pain relief and stabilization in the knees, the devices offer soothing support for muscles, joints and ligaments. All told, GenuTrain braces help many conditions, including knee pain and swelling caused by osteoarthritis, misalignment of the kneecap, and post-surgery rehabilitation.

If you’re looking for braces and supports to help manage ankle pain and stabilization, Bauerfeind’s AchilloTrain, MalleoTrain and MalleoLoc orthoses have you covered. The AchilloTrain and AchilloTrain Pro supports help relieve pain and inflammation in the Achilles tendon while promoting mobility. With an integrated, removable heel wedge and a second wedge to keep leg lengths equal, a patient can adjust the brace to suit his or her comfort. The self-shaping MalleoLoc and MalleoTrain knit braces, on the other hand, can be used to support ankle sprains, ligament weakness or extreme sports overload injuries.

In addition to its knee and ankle devices, Bauerfeind touts its breathable and comfortable MyoTrain product line. Offering an alternative to physical therapy taping, MyoTrain braces and supports help heal and relieve pain for muscle injuries that include muscle tears, pulls and bruising to the thighs and hamstrings. The thigh braces use viscoelastic cushion pads for flexible stability. MyoTrain’s knit and strap system, combined with two removable pressure cushions, also reduces swelling and accelerates healing.

Robyn Parets is a freelance writer based in Boston.

Article sponsored by Bauerfeind.

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