December 2013

Out on a limb: Tools of the drone age

Jordana's TweetsBy Jordana Bieze Foster, Editor

The most successful companies are never content with the status quo. They’re always thinking outside the box.

We were all reminded of that on December 1, when Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos revealed his company’s plans to launch a dronebased delivery service within the next five years.

Was this in response to a widespread customer demand for drone delivery? Not exactly. But a large segment of Amazon’s customer base has always been willing to pay extra for expedited delivery. The drone concept is taking that aspect of customer service to the next level anticipating what customers will want before the customers even realize they want it.

I’d be surprised if any lower extremity companies are developing drone-based delivery. But plenty of the companies that make lower extremity products are finding equally innovative ways to meet the needs of practitioners and patients. And you can read about all of those innovations in the company profiles and product descriptions in this new edition of the LER Resource Guide.

Updating the Resource Guide every year to keep you apprised of the latest developments is a big job; project editor Emily Delzell and executive assistant Tracy Goodman have spent countless hours making this happen. But with so many companies offering new products and services that can significantly improve patients’ quality of life, informing LER’s readers about these advances is our way of taking customer service to the next level.

And who knows, maybe a future version of the Resource Guide will be brought to you by a drone.

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