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March 2019

AFOs for Stroke: Early Use Does Not Limit Long-Term Benefit

Stroke often impairs walking, particularly by altering foot clearance during the swing phase. Activity of the tibialis anterior (TA) plays an important role in foot clearance; clinicians often prescribe an ankle-foot orthosis (AFO) for post-stroke patients to help with foot clearance. Continue reading

March 2019

Bone Stimulation Represents New Frontier for Optimizing Patient Outcomes

Limited research into electromagnetic and ultrasound bone stimulation devices complicates efforts to determine efficacy. For the majority of people, lower-limb fractures and fractures in other parts of the body heal well and reliably. However, some people experience complications that may cause significant harm.

By Nicole Wetsman Continue reading

March 2019

A REVIEW FOR LOWER-EXTREMITY SPECIALISTS: Mitigating the Opioid Crisis with Pain Management Regimens in a Multimodal Approach

For help limiting the number of opioid tablets you prescribe—and to still treat postop pain successfully—turn to practice guidelines, evidence from the literature about local and regional anesthesia techniques, and constraints of the law.

By Robert G. Smith, DPM, MSc, RPh, CPed, CPRS Continue reading

March 2019

Tape Use to Prevent Blisters: Does It Really Do What We Think It Does?

Taping is a mainstay of preventive foot blister management in athletes and active people. Its use is based on the premise that rubbing causes blisters, and that tape protects the skin from this rubbing and/or provides thermal insulation from the heat generated by rubbing.

By Rebecca Rushton, Bsc(Pod) Continue reading

March 2019

The Therapeutic Power of Elastic Bands

Here’s why resistance therapy with these low-tech tools is gaining prominence—for youth soccer players, geriatric patients, and everyone in between. Elastic resistance bands are increasingly popular in physical therapy as the modality is being used to treat a wide number of lower-extremity problems on a diverse patient population that covers everyone from youth sports players to seniors.

By Keith Loria Continue reading

March 2019

We Are The Heart of National Biomechanics Day

The International and American Societies of Biomechanics were founded in 1973 and 1977, respectively. Coincident with the expansion of Biomechanics during the following decades, fitness and health have moved out from under the realm of medicine and are rapidly overtaking the realm of the personal—the personal lifestyle to be more exact (think yoga, yogurt, and yoga pants).

By Paul DeVita, PhD Continue reading

March 2019

How Mountain Biking Is Reshaping the Landscape of Cycling Injury

Differences in equipment, terrain, riding style, and other risk factors mean different types and prevalence of injuries when riding a mountain bike, compared to a road bike. Be prepared to see those differences in your practice. Over the past several decades, mountain biking has become remarkably popular as a competitive and recreational activity.

By Michael Reeder, Do, And Brent Alumbaugh, MS Continue reading

April 2019

Step out on the Open Road

The Open Road from Samuel Hubbard is sleek, supple, stylish, and unapologetically comfortable. With a performance hiker tread design in natural rubber, the shoes are springy, soft, and insanely light. Walk the dog, walk to work, walk for your health, walk for a cause. Continue reading

April 2019

EVO Hybrid Lacer Ankle Stabilizer

Med Spec is proud to introduce the new EVO Hybrid Lacer Ankle Stabilizer. The EVO Hybrid Lacer has the same internal stirrup and external stabilizing straps and dynamic cuff as the regular EVO with the addition of a hybrid lace closure system. The lower speed laces with hook & loop closure offer fast application. Continue reading

April 2019

An AFO for Every Need

New York OMC offers a proven collection of AFOS. High quality products offered by New York OMC include STI-Dynamic AFO, STI-Dynamic Overlap Joint, BRK-1 AFO, BRX-1 AFO, QNS-1 AFO, and Superflex AFO. The STI-Dynamic AFO treats indications PTTD, ankle injuries and sprains, medial and lateral ankle instability, subtalar joint instability, sinus tarsi, and foot drop. Continue reading

February 2019

How Well Did You Read This Issue?

Test your knowledge of information from this issue of Lower Extremity Review and the world in general with our new crossword puzzle feature. The answer box can be found online at Continue reading

February 2019

New Sandal Toe Footshell

Endolite’s new Sandal Toe Footshell offers a more natural look and provides flexibility of footwear choice with its enhanced sandal toe design. It is available in both a Light and Dark shade to help better match skin tones and offers additional width options, helping consumers to find the perfect fit. The new Endolite Sandal Toe Footshell is available as standard on a range of prosthetic products including… Continue reading

February 2019

Spark Kinetic Knee Sleeve

Brownmed has launched the Spark Kinetic Sleeves product line, which blends attributes of compression with kinesiology taping to help improve circulation, enhance performance, and add support when performing daily activities. The easy-to-use sleeves are comfortable and reusable. They do not leave sticky residue when removed, as can happen with kinesiology tape. Continue reading

February 2019

Bauerfeind, NBA Enter Global Licensing Partnership

Bauerfeind, a provider of sports and medical knee supports, and the National Basketball Association (NBA) have entered into a new, multiyear, global licensing partnership, making Bauerfeind’s GenuTrain NBA an officially-licensed knee support of the league. The knee support became available at sports retail locations and through the company’s website in December. Continue reading


Blatchford Sells Majority Stake; Eyes Global Expansion

Blatchford, Basingstoke, England, has accepted an offer from private-equity firm CBPE Capital (CBPE), London, England, whereby the firm will acquire a majority ownership position in the company. Blatchford is a long-time designer and manufacturer of orthotics, prosthetics, and seating options for those with mobility challenges. CBPE will be investing alongside fourth-generation family member Stephen Blatchford, who… Continue reading

February 2019

Algeos Named Exclusive Distributor for Voxelcare in the UK, Ireland

Algeos, Liverpool, England, a distributor in the orthopedic, orthotic, and prosthetic markets, has been named the exclusive distributor for software and engineering company Voxelcare, Elche, Spain. Voxelcare has 18 years of experience developing industrial applications ranging from special purpose CAD/CAM systems for shoe lasts and custom orthotics, contact and non-contact 3D- and 2D- scanning devices, industrial vision, and CNC systems. Continue reading

February 2019

PDAC Contract Transitioned to Palmetto GBA

The Pricing, Data Analysis, and Coding (PDAC) contract transitioned from Noridian Healthcare Solutions to Palmetto GBA, effective January 15. All transition-related communications are being provided by Palmetto GBA via its website, The website URL,, will remain unchanged. While the website design has changed, the same types of information available have remained on this website. Continue reading

February 2019

FDA Approves Knee Implant IDE, Clears Bio-Integrative Bone Fixation Implant

The US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has approved an Investigational Device Exemption (IDE) application for Swedish-based Episurf Medical’s Episealer personalized knee implant and has granted 510(k) (premarket submission) clearance to Israeli-based OSSIO Ltd.’s bio-integrative material indicated “for maintenance of alignment and fixation of… Continue reading

February 2019

Sand Color Therafirm Ease Microfiber Tights

Therafirm, a Knit-Rite brand that includes the Ease Opaque, Ease Sheer, and Ease Microfiber lines of compression hosiery, has introduced a new color to its Ease Microfiber Tights line: sand. Like the previously released colors, the new sand-color tights are made with high-stretch microfiber yarns, making them easier to don than some other high-compression garments. Continue reading

February 2019

Non-Opioid, Wearable Pain-Relief Solution

BioWaveGO is a non-opioid, FDA-cleared, wearable chronic pain–relief technology. It is used by most professional sports teams in the NFL, NHL, NBA, and MLB as well as by US military members and veterans in over 80 VA hospitals. BioWaveGO uses high-frequency neurostimulation technology to block pain at the source. Now available in a non-prescription strength, this… Continue reading

February 2019

New Apex A-Wave Orthotics in Three Durometers

Apex Foot Health Industries welcomes the A-Wave to its suite of prefabricated orthotic inserts. A-Wave orthotics use a proprietary biomechanical blend of thermoplastic resins, performance memory foam, and supportive gels to provide pain relief and stability while maximizing comfort and foot health. Construction includes Visco elastic polymer in the heel and forefoot for shock attenuation, and a thermoplastic heel and arch support to assist in centering the heel. Continue reading

February 2019

Cybersecurity Takes Top Spot on ECRI’s Annual Health Technology Hazards List

ECRI Institute (formerly the Emergency Care Research Institute) has published the “2019 Top 10 Health Technology Hazards” report as a free service to inform healthcare facilities about generic hazards that may arise from the use of medical devices and systems — all of which can be minimized or avoided. Continue reading

February 2019

New Colors for Sigvaris Graduated Compression Garments

Sigvaris North America has added new colors to some of its graduated compression product lines for garments aiding in the management of early-stage venous diseases and pre- and post-vein treatments. Micofiber Shades socks now come in navy argyle and onyx argyle, for a total of 14 color and pattern options. Soft Opaque now includes colors teal, blue iris, caramel, and mist, for a total of 11 color options. Continue reading

February 2019

Alliance PT Sells LTC Division

Alliance Physical Therapy Management (Alliance PT) , which is backed by GPB Capital, sold its long-term care (LTC) division to HealthPRO® Heritage, a portfolio company of the private equity firm Beecken Petty O’Keefe. The terms of the sale were not disclosed. Continue reading

February 2019

Reinforcement Learning Expedites Tuning of Robotic Prostheses

When an individual is fitted with a robotic prosthetic knee, a practitioner works with that person to modify parameters to specifically accommodate their gait, a process that can take hours. Now, a multidisciplinary team of researchers from Arizona State University (ASU), Tempe; North Carolina State University (NC State), Raleigh; and the University of North Carolina at… Continue reading