Case Study: Accessory Navicular Tuberosity

My son, Kaleb is 15 years old and  has been playing a lot of basketball lately and recently started having foot pain. We waited about a month or so and treated him with rest, ice, compression and elevation as well as Advil and Tylenol without success.  I finally called Marc Ginsburg, DPM of Albany, NY and he even took time from his lunch break to see Kaleb. We appreciated the incredible care that we received from Dr. Ginsburg and his staff.

As it turns out Kaleb has a navicular tuberosity on his left foot and an accessory navicular bone on his right foot. Dr Ginsburg gave Kaleb a complete foot examination that included x-rays and cast for a pair of foot orthoses. He fully explained what was required and why we needed it. He even discussed the device in detail so we fully understood what we would be getting. Check out the video of the complete appointment.

I did the video and Kaleb did all the editing. Kaleb also happens to be my Social Media Consultant. Enjoy the video and please feel free to leave any comments.

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