January cover art

A very important component about publishing a magazine is selecting artwork every month.  We need pictures for the cover, pictures for articles, news and clinical updates or whatever. There are so many resources out there. We use them all and spend an incredible amount of time and energy to select to right photo.

When the cover story came up on pediatric flatfoot, I began perusing a number of websites that we typically get photos from. Many factors come into play such as image quality, accuracy, and most of all, composition We elect not to just stick any image in our publication. The photo has to be just right. So, as I am looking over literally hundreds of photos, I decided to check my own family stock.

I have four beautiful children (Kaleb 15, Zander 12, Graycen 8 and Ava 3) and I’m sure there was something we could use. Let me tell you, it is much more fun to look at pictures of your own kids than stock images.  I came across a few images that I thought would work and as we reviewed them all very closely we decided to go with the one of Ava from two summers ago when we were on Cape Cod for vacation. This was her first time at the beach and the shot was just perfect of her running on the boardwalk. As a matter of fact, she was wearing her pedipeds®. These were her favorite shoes and she wore them all the time. pedipeds® are made with a soft flexible leather sole that is the closest to walking barefoot. Check out www.pediped.com for more information.



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