November 2010

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The truth about barefoot running: It’s complicated

One side claims running shoes cause injury; the other side counters that barefoot running comes with its own risks. There are likely elements of truth on both sides. But when it comes to giving your patients advice about barefoot running, experts have more questions than answers.

by Cary Groner

Editor Message

Out on a limb: Creatures of comfort

Benno Nigg, PhD, isn’t exactly on the barefoot running bandwagon. Essentially, the internationally lauded foot biomechanist thinks barefoot running is a fashion trend that tends to recur every 25 years or so  — like babydoll dresses or skinny ties.

Jordana Bieze Foster, Editor

Feature Articles

Amputación Parcial de Pie: manejo del Podólogo

Los pacientes con diabetes que han sido objeto de una amputación parcial del pie son los más vulnerables a la re- ulceración. El calzado, las platillas, las prótesis parciales de pie, las ortesis de pie y tobillo pueden ayudar a reducir ese riesgo al mismo tiempo que mejoran la función.

Por: Erick Janisse, CPed, CO y Dennis Janisse, CPed

Practice Tactics: Efforts to boost morale pay off in productivity

With so many factors outside of the control of practitioners and practice managers, it’s becoming increasingly important to focus energy and resources on the areas that are well within your ability to influence.

By Jason Kraus

Partial foot amputation: Pedorthic management

Patients with diabetes who have undergone partial foot amputation are vulnerable to reulceration. Footwear, orthotic devices, and partial foot prostheses can reduce risk while improving function.

By Erick Janisse, CPed, CO, and Dennis Janisse, CPed

Yoga helps target falls, fears in older patients

Yoga can help improve balance and increase confidence in older adults who are at risk for fall-related injury. The key to successful outcomes is to modify traditional poses in ways that accommodate both physical limitations and fears in this patient population.

By Arlene Schmid, PhD, OTR

Articular cartilage rehab starts with examination

Successful management of articular cartilage lesions starts with a thorough examination emphasizing patient history, range of motion limitations, and an understanding of underlying anatomy and biomechanics.

By Walter L. Jenkins, PT, DHS, ATC

Diabetes affects fracture healing at cellular level

Patients with diabetes are at increased risk for delayed union or nonunion following skeletal trauma or elective orthopedic surgery, due to impaired osseous regeneration.

By David N. Paglia MS, Siddhant K. Mehta BS, Kristen Mason BS, Eric A. Breitbart MD, Aaron Wey BS, Andrew Park MS, Swaroopa Vaidya MS, Ravi Verma BS, Dana Graves PhD, J. Patrick O’Connor  PhD, and Sheldon S. Lin MD

Industry News & Updates


Performance Socks

Sole announces the release of its redesigned Performance Socks. Lightweight Sport and Dual Layer socks are offered in no-show, ankle, and crew lengths in either black or white. A blend of Tactel, Coolmax and Lycra fabrics provides a soft, comfortable feel. The durable Lightweight Sport socks feature instep vents for breathability, a hand-linked “seamless” toe and a TensorFit arch band that keeps the sock in place. The Dual-Layer socks feature ...

Symes Little Feet

Prosthetic technology company TRS has introduced a Symes version of its Little Feet product line. Little Feet are designed for infants and children and come in sizes 10, 11, 12, and 13 cm long; they are available in three skin tones to compliment different patient’s needs. The SACH-type feet are stable and store energy because of their polymer matrix and design; some models are equipped with keels. The new Symes ...

Heelift Soft Foam AFO Boot

DM Systems offers the new Heelift AFO for limited weightbearing. The Heelift AFO features a semi-rigid polypropylene brace, which is positioned to provide safe ankle and foot support. Customizable foam pads elevate the heel and protect of the Achilles tendon; choose from a smooth foam interior or a slightly cooler convoluted foam option. A non-slip sole provides added traction and allows patients limited mobility and weight bearing while minimizing the ...

Darco Web Ankle Brace

Darco International introduces the Web Ankle Brace. The ankle brace is a true convertible brace that can transform from an acute brace to a full support product with a simple adjustment, eliminating the need for multiple braces. The brace is designed with removable rigid stays that provide controlled restriction of inversion/eversion. The unique bungee closure system provides even compression and allows for adjustments “on the run” without the need to ...

Topical BioMedics Topricin Foot Cream

Topical BioMedics offers all natural Topricin Foot Therapy Cream in two new smaller sizes. Originally offered in an 8 oz bottle, the pain relief healing cream that’s specially formulated to target foot and ankle pain is also now available in a convenient 4 oz jar as well as a 2 oz travel tube. Classified by the FDA as a homeopathic medicine, Topricin Foot Therapy Cream is designed to provide healing ...

Thermoskin Plantar FXT Ultra

Swede-O has announced its launch of the Thermoskin Plantar FXT Ultra for the nighttime treatment of plantar fasciitis. The Plantar FXT Ultra holds the foot at approximately 90° so the plantar fascia is in a stretched position where it may heal.  The device is made of hook & loop materials, allowing for the foam wedge and straps to be adjusted for the ideal stretch and comfort level.  The soft Trioxon ...

Polhemus G4 Motion Tracker

Motion technology company Polhemus  has unveiled the G4, a 6-degree-of-freedom motion tracker that boasts wireless communication and  AC electromagnetic technology, and fits in your pocket. Designed for applications including biomechanical and sports performance analysis, G4 touts the power of larger, more expensive systems, yet is significantly smaller in size and can be belt-worn. Armed with sensors operating at 120 Hz, G4’s hub calculates each sensor’s position and orientation, and then wirelessly ...

Deertracks Shoes

Pilgrim Shoes offers the Deertracks line of shoes, made in the USA. Added shaft height allows for better fitting of any kind of orthotics or braces, while a wide shaft opening allows easy on/off. Thick, breathable, shock-absorbing insoles are designed to support and relieve the foot; the removable insoles can easily be replaced with diabetic insoles or custom made orthotics. Deertracks shoes are Medicare approved under HCPCS code A5500. Some ...

Chevron STS Post-op Shoe

Sroufe Healthcare Products has introduced the new Chevron STS Square-Toe Med-Surg Shoe. The Chevron STS is designed to provide protection and comfort in post-operative footwear. The extended shape of the square-toe design provides extra protection for toes, forefoot, and bandages, and acts as a buffer from accidental bumps and scrapes. An adjustable forefoot closure expands to accommodate dressings, with no buckle pressure on the sensitive forefoot. Other features include a ...

Pediatric AFO Casting Socks

STS Company has announced the development of Pediatric AFO casting socks in four different sizes to cover a broad range of anatomy and children’s ages. The casts are compatible with traditional AFO fabrication as well as CAD-CAM methods. The fast-setting, water-curable resins that are impregnated on the casting socks have a set time of approximately two minutes. The impressions are as accurate as plaster of Paris and can be easily ...

Cast Itch and Odor Relief

The CastCooler is a patented device used in conjunction with an orthopedic cast to remove moisture from the lining of the cast. It is designed to be stretched around the cast like a sleeve, then attached via a nozzle hooked to a standard household or garage vacuum to remove moisture from the cast lining without touching the patient. This addresses two chief issues with cast wearing: odor and itch. The ...

Muscle Angels Hand-Held Massager

The Muscle Angels hand-held massager is designed to provide quick relief from muscle pain and fatigue while increasing flexibility, circulation, mobility and elasticity. Muscle Angel massagers are designed to combine the benefits of myofascial trigger point, acupressure, and deep tissue massage—all in one product.  The sculpted nub-tip stimulates circulation and breaks up muscle knots, while more than 290 tiny massaging nubbin-fingers knead tight and aching muscles. Popular with runners, the ...