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June 2014

Correcting hallux valgus

Surgery may restore sensation at great toe – Although some research has described sensory nerve dysfunction as a potential complication of hallux valgus surgery, most patients undergoing the procedure have measureable preoperative deficits—and most of these…

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May 2013

Turf Toe Steel Insoles

Aetna Felt Corporation offers Turf Toe Steel Insoles, for prevention and management of turf toe and other metatarsophalangeal joint injuries. The Turf Toe Steel Insoles are available in standard sizes, in half and full steel. The insoles are laser-cut spring … Continue reading

March 2012

Study finds no restoration of proximal kinematics after hallux valgus surgery

Surgical hallux valgus correction significantly improves foot geometry and hallux kinematics but does not significantly change proximal kinematics, according to research from Marquette University in Milwaukee, WI. In a study published in the February issue of Foot & Ankle International, … Continue reading

August 2011

Handicapping hallux valgus

Predictive variables include race, age
Research presented in July at the annual meeting of the American Podi­atric Medical Association in Boston adds to knowledge of risk factors for and prevalence of hallux valgus. Older age, African American race, high heel use, and genetic factors all conferred an increased risk of HV.

By Emily Delzell

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June 2011

Older patients with toe deformities exhibit reduced soft tissue thickness

Thinning of the plantar soft tissue under the metatarsal heads in older adults is linked to both hallux valgus and lesser toe deformities, according to a case-controlled study published in the July 2011 issue of the Journal of Orthopedic Research. … Continue reading

April 2011

Alpha Orthotics offers screening tool for bunion self-assessment

Alpha Orthotics announced in March the availability of a simple clinical screening tool, the Manchester scale, for patients to self-assess the severity of their hallux valgus. The Manchester scale includes standardized photographs of feet with four grades of hallux valgus … Continue reading

March 2011

Bunion research focuses on patient quality of life

The effect of hallux valgus on a patient’s quality of life starts with a frustrating inability to find fashionable shoes that fit—but evidence suggests it doesn’t end there.

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August 2010

Beyond Bunionectomy: The Role of Physical Therapy

More and more surgeons are embracing the idea that physical therapy after bunion surgery can improve range of motion and other functional outcomes. But some practitioners still aren’t sure it’s right for everyone.

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July 2010

Charcot and limb loss

Ulcer prevention is the key to amputation prevention in patients with Charcot arthropathy, according to research from Chicago that raises the question of whether pre-emptive surgical correction of deformities is warranted in Charcot patients.

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June 2010

Postural control deficits: the role of foot orthoses

The mechanism by which foot orthoses improve postural control remains uncertain, but research suggests that it may stem from improvements in sensory feedback or changes in center of pressure that in turn affect joint moments.

By Douglas Richie, DPM

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January 2010

In the Moment: Foot Care

Kids’ shoes come up short – Study links tight fit to hallux valgus angle Keeping up with the ever-changing footwear needs of growing children can be a challenge for parents, but squeezing kids into too-short shoes may put them at risk for hallux valgus, according to research from the Medical University of Vienna. Plus: • Posted total contact insoles reduce hindfoot valgus in flexible flatfoot • Falls prevention efforts in elderly could start with toe strengthening

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September 2009

Bunion Aid

Bunion Aid is an award-winning hinged foot splint that relieves bunion pain. It is clinically proven to correct mild to moderate bunions (hallux valgus) and maintain post-surgical fixation of the toe, reducing rehab time. The splint can be worn at … Continue reading

August 2009

In the Moment: Foot Care

Rehab enhances HV results
Post-op plan medializes weight bearing

Austrian researchers have found that rehabilitation following hallux valgus surgery can significantly improve weightbearing under the first ray, which has long been one of the barriers to full functional recovery.

by Jordana Bieze Foster

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