Acor Modular Orthotic Fitting System

Acor Launches M.Or.F.S (Modular Orthotic Fitting System)

Three Base Layers + Three Top Layers + Modifications = Hundreds of Choices!

Acor launches MOrFS; a truly customizable prefabricated solution to meet the ever changing foot orthotic marketplace. This innovative Modular Orthotic Fitting System offers pre-selected, clinically tested material combinations, with or without modifications, designed for your patient’s lifestyle.

The Therapeutic MORF-0101 offers a P-Cell Top Layer and Microcel Puff Base and is designed to fit in extra depth shoes for maximum comfort and protection. The Walking MORF-0102 provides an X-Static lined Puff Top Layer with a Multicork Base and fits in a walking shoe for the perfect balance between cushion and support. The Active MORF-0103 has an X-Static lined Puff Top Layer with a Firm Microcel Puff Base and slides perfectly into athletic shoes for superior protection and support from heel to toe.

MOrFS allow practitioners the flexibility and control when fitting the device for a particular condition. Practitioners may select any combination or metatarsal bars, pads and reliefs, heel depressions, wedging, posting, arch fills, or any other modification necessary and let Acor’s custom department do the work or simply modify in their own facility. MOrFS are simply the most cost effective customizable prefabricated device available anywhere.

Acor Orthopaedic is a family owned company comprised of practitioners dedicated to the design and manufacturing of medical-grade footwear products, materials, orthoses and AFOs. “Our commitment to innovation and education is what set’s us apart’” says President Jeff Alaimo, C.P.O., “As practitioners, we are always considering what you need and what works in daily practice.”

For more information, please call 800-237-2267 or email or visit for monthly specials on the full line Acor products.

Contact: Frank Zingales C.P.

Acor Orthopaedic, Inc.
18530 South Miles Parkway
Cleveland, OH 44128

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