August 2010

Stump Warmer Stocking

Invented by an amputee who has dealt with severe phantom limb pain for two decades, the Stump Warmer is a multi-layered fabric stocking with a built-in heater. Powered by a rechargeable battery, the device generates heat for several hours on a single charge, allowing the amputee to rest comfortably, day or night. The Stump Warmer, also known as the Night-Kap, features four heat settings that help maintain proper body temperature in and around the residual limb. The device also features a drawstring assembly to facilitate a snug fit, which allows the heat to penetrate and open blood vessels, improving the health of the limb.

Stump Warmer

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One Response to Stump Warmer Stocking

  1. Sarah Holmes says:

    Hi, where can I purchase the Night-kap stump warmer? It’s for my partner for Christmas. I am in the UK.
    Many thanks


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