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36″ x 4″ Pro-Roller Foam Rollers

OPTP has added a new 4″ diameter foam roller to its elite Pro-Roller line, available in standard and soft densities. The 36″ x 4″ roller is closer to the ground than the regular 36″ x 6″ diameter roller, for a safer, more stable feeling. They are well suited for the elderly, beginners, or individuals with a compromised sense of balance and are easier to control while using for massage. Continue reading

Supportive Shock-Absorbing Orthotics

Cadence Insoles introduces a new model to its line of exclusive, retail-only, over-the-counter orthotics. The EX MP provides semi-rigid support, durable high-rebound/low-compression set polyurethane foam, and an antimicrobial, low-friction CoolMax top cover with a built-in metatarsal pad. The EX MP is only available for purchase from physicians’ offices and select retailers; it is not available for online sales. Continue reading

Posted CP-3300 Orthotic Shell

KLM Laboratories continues to help practitioners meet the ever-changing needs of each patient. The Posted CP-3300 orthotic shell is the newest addition to the KLM prefabricated product family. This semi-flexible polypropylene shell has a 2-degree inverted rear foot post that is lightweight and low bulk. The design of the horseshoe shape will allow for heel lift attachments, which are under development. Continue reading

Ottobock C-Brace Lower-Limb Orthosis

The new C-Brace by Ottobock HealthCare uses the world’s first mechatronic stance and swing phase control orthosis (SSCO) system, introduced with the original C-Brace, to control stance and swing phase with microprocessor sensor technology. Building upon the features of the first-generation C-Brace, the new C-Brace is smaller and lighter, allowing it to be worn under clothing. Continue reading

Waldlaufer Extra- Wide Women’s Lace-up

German comfort footwear company Waldlaufer introduces the stylish new Kagan lace-up, a therapeutic shoe without the therapeutic look, designed to accommodate the footwear needs of women with extra-wide feet, bunions, and hammertoes. Like every Waldlaufer shoe, the Kagan is handcrafted in Europe using the finest leathers and super-light, air cushion soles. Continue reading

X-Large Therafirm Ease Compression Hosiery

Therafim’s Ease line of compression hosiery debuted in 2014, growing in popularity and expanding ever since. Now, Therafirm has expanded the line with the introduction of X-Large sizes. Compression knee highs are sized by ankle and calf circumferences. With new sizing including X-Large, Ease knee highs now fit ankle and calf circumferences up to 15” and 23”, respectively. Continue reading

Foot Orientation Apparatus for 3D Foot Scanning

New from PAL Heath Technologies is the Foot Orientation Apparatus (patent pending, serial number 62/739,962) to be used with PAL’s Xtremity 3D foot scanner. The lightweight and portable apparatus was developed to obtain subtalar neutral positioning of the foot, ensuring foot scans are more accurate for the physician and more comfortable for the patient. Continue reading

JumpStart® Softback provides comfortable control of excess plantarflexion

Cascade Dafo, a manufacturer of pediatric lower-extremity braces and creator of the original DAFO® (Dynamic Ankle Foot Orthosis), has added the JumpStart® Softback™ to its Fast Fit® line of prefabricated braces. This AFO is designed to provide lightweight, comfortable control of mild to moderate toe walking and knee hyperextension. Continue reading

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