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Össur Formfit Pro 3D Compressive Knit Solutions

Introducing Össur Formfit Pro, a new 3D compression knit line by Össur, designed for people who suffer from various musculoskeletal conditions or ailments yet strive to remain active. Össur‘s Formfit Pro range includes Formfit Pro Knee for compression and patella support; Formfit Pro Knee OA, providing pain relief and… Continue reading

The Neuropathic Walker is your solution

The Neuropathic Walker is a more advanced and comfortable solution to the CROW Walker. The Neuropathic Walker is integrated with custom molded 3/16” solid polypropylene and 1/4” Aliplast lining with the same trim lines as a CROW Walker. We use high-quality leather that is molded over the solid polypropylene. Continue reading

Stop Morning Heel Pain with Medi-Dyne ProStretch NightSock

New on the market from Medi-Dyne is the ProStretch NightSock. The product is designed to help alleviate heel pain associated with plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, calf muscle cramps, and runners’ cramps. By keeping the foot in a slightly flexed position, the ProStretch NightSock comfortably elongates the muscles and… Continue reading

Data-Gathering Performance Treadmills

Mobius, AMTI’s new line of performance treadmills, comes in two models: one fixed-tilt and one inclinable, capable of a 25% gradient. Both models have two independent 8800N-capacity force platforms, and a frame engineered to achieve the highest possible natural frequency, with the goal of providing industry-leading data quality. Continue reading

Kinetic Research Flagship Ankle-Foot Orthosis

The Noodle is Kinetic Research’s flagship ankle-foot orthosis.  This patented technology creates a quick and simple solution for drop foot.   What makes this ultra-lightweight AFO special is its next generation of carbon fiber properties that allow it to maintain dynamic motion and energy return. Continue reading

Variable Abduction Hip Alignment Orthosis

Swash, the variable abduction hip alignment orthosis from Allard USA, has a fresh new look. Swash Steady replaces the previous Swash Classic model and Swash Go replaces the previous Swash Low Profile device. Designed with the patient and caregiver in mind, the new… Continue reading

Winter’s Day Boot

The Winter’s Day boot by Samuel Hubbard is a cross between a bedroom slipper and a Gore-Tex trail boot, with the look of a proper gentlemen’s sole. The shoe features a Davos Ice Sole with super grip technology, which is designed to keep the wearer sure-footed in all climates, including icy conditions. Continue reading

Thorlos Adventures Series Socks

Thorlos’ Adventure Series lifestyle-specific protective socks have design features that make them appropriate for multiple activities and environments. The Thorlos Adventure Series socks are available in four styles:  Thorlos for the Outdoor Athlete are… Continue reading

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