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Sigvaris CompreFlex Reduce Enhancements and Accessories

Sigvaris has launched new accessories and upgrades for its CompreFlex Reduce product portfolio. The CompreFlex Reduce system is designed to be a comfortable, easy-to-don-and-doff, inelastic wrap for patients with medically complex edema, including lymphedema. It is available in black and beige, and includes thigh… Continue reading

kyBoot Swiss Air-Cushion Shoe

The kyBoot Swiss-made air-cushion shoe is designed to create an unprecedented level of comfort during walking. The Walk-On-Air sole provides a floating-like experience due to its soft, springy, air-cushion properties, while allowing the user to feel every detail of the floor. The kyBoot reportedly relieves strain on joints and… Continue reading

Performance Graphite Orthotic

Foot Management’s latest technology allows engineered nylon to be blended with carbon graphite to produce Performance Graphite. This blend creates a lightweight shell that offers functional control with less bulk. High tensile strength and flexible modulus means Performance Graphite does not fatigue, creep, or… Continue reading

JMS Plastics Fiberglass Casting Tape

JMS Plastics Supply, Inc., introduces J-Cast, a new orthopedic fiberglass casting tape that is simple to mold and comfortable to wear. J-Cast is designed to offer excellent ventilation and less irritation than similar existing products and is engineered to be easy to apply and to provide superior adhesion and outstanding… Continue reading

Swede-O Inner Lok 8 Ankle Brace

The Swede-O Inner Lok 8 ankle brace features a patented internal figure-eight strapping system, which assures proper strap placement and simulates professional taping. The top strap covers the laces and locks the figure-eight straps in position and offers a quick-release feature that allows the user to easily remove the… Continue reading

Cascade Dafo Fast Fit Bug

Cascade Dafo, Inc., creator of the original DAFO (Dynamic Ankle Foot Orthosis), has added the Fast Fit Bug to its line of prefabricated shoe inserts. This low-profile shoe insert is designed to control mild to moderate pronation. Partnered with a supportive shoe, the Bug promotes a stable gait by raising the medial arch and… Continue reading

Smartroller Guide to Optimal Movement, Second Edition

Smartroller Guide to Optimal Movement, Second Addition, is available exclusively from OPTP. The guide can be purchased alone or as a package set with the Smartroller foam roller, a two-sided foam roller that helps promote balance, awareness, and core strength while recognizing tensegrity concepts. Continue reading

Fracture Boot

Elite Orthopaedics, Inc., offers the Pro Select Walker Series fracture boot, which is available in Air and Non-Air configurations. The Pro Select is ultra-lightweight, registering 10-15% lighter than comparable fracture boots, and features an ultra-low heel height that helps prevent external hip rotation while… Continue reading

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