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Experience 40% Less Pressure with Duo Med Surg Shoe

Darco International is pleased to announce the latest addition to our line of products, the DUO Med Surg Shoe. The DUO is a high quality shoe that offers exceptional pressure relief to a wound or post operative site. The DUO features a dual injected EVA sole that provides FOUR TIMES better shock absorption and up to 40% less pressure than cheaper post op shoes. Continue reading

Performance Graphite Orthotic

The new Performance Graphite orthotic was designed by Foot Management with athletes and low-volume shoes in mind. The latest technology allows engineered nylon to be blended with carbon graphite, creating a lightweight shell that offers functional control with less bulk. Continue reading

Medi-Dyne ProStretch NightSock

Medi-Dyne’s new ProStretch NightSock is said to help alleviate heel pain associated with plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, calf muscle cramps, and runners’ cramps. By keeping the foot in a slightly flexed position, the ProStretch NightSock elongates the muscles and soft tissues of the calf and foot to help speed up recovery while sleeping. Continue reading

Unna Boot Zinc Oxide Compression Dressing

Oasis Medical now offers the Unna Boot, named after German dermatologist Paul Gerson Unna, who specialized in diagnosing and treating skin diseases. The Unna Boot is a cotton compression dressing with a zinc oxide paste applied uniformly to the entire bandage; zinc oxide does not harden or cake. Continue reading

OPTP Stability Trainer

The Stability Trainer balance pad is the latest addition to OPTP’s line of balance pads, stability equipment, and exercise mats. The trainer is made from soft yet durable, nearly 2.5-inch thick, high-quality foam and features a non-slip, textured surface for sure footing and security during use. Continue reading

Swede-O PowerWrap Ankle Brace

The patented, positive tensioning–system on the Swede-O PowerWrap Ankle Brace provides a personalized fit with no-tie laces, and the center wedge allows for natural ankle movement during activity. This brace is said to be ideal for athletes who tape their ankles to help protect or prevent ankle injuries and for individuals suffering from weak or injured ankles. Continue reading

Therafirm Ease Microfiber Chevron-Patterned Knee Highs

Therafirm has added a new chevron pattern to its Ease Microfiber Knee Highs line. Like other Ease Microfiber hosiery products, the chevron-patterned knee highs are made with super soft, high-stretch microfiber yarns, making them easier to don than other higher-compression garments, and they include a… Continue reading

Kintrol Hydraulic Ankle/Foot System

Freedom Innovations’ new Kintrol Hydraulic Ankle/Foot system combines advanced Kinterra hydraulic ankle technology with aerospace-grade fiberglass to provide K2-level ambulators with comfort and control. K2 ambulators are prosthetic users who are typically defined as having the ability or potential for ambulation with the ability to traverse low-level environmental barriers such as curbs, stairs, or uneven surfaces. Continue reading

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