January 2013

WFL attains clubfoot treatment milestone

Walk For Life (WFL) Bangla­desh, which offers no-cost treatment for clubfoot deformity, treated its 10,000th foot in January, according to Sazzad Hossain, WFL manager for donor relations.

WFL Bangladesh, a program of the Australian Glencoe Foundation, began its work in 2009 with the specific aim of providing Ponseti treatment to all children younger than 4 years within 60 km of their homes.

The program now has 43 clinics around the country and an active brace manufacturing enterprise—WFL’s five cobblers produce recyclable braces for about 2500 children a year. The braces are based on a design by Dutch physiotherapist Michiel Steenbeek and cost around $4 each.

To learn more about WFL Bangladesh and read its newsletter, visit walkforlife.org.au.

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