August 2012

US sprinter will debut prosthetic running foot at Paralympic games

US Paralympic track and field athlete Richard Browne will compete in the London games wearing Freedom Innovations’ Catapult Running Foot, a high-tech prosthetic designed to maximize energy return.

Browne is slated to compete in the 100-m dash and the high jump and will be the first Paralympic athlete to use the foot in competition. He qualified for the 2012 team earlier this summer with a time of 11:16 in the 100-m dash and a 1.85-m high jump.

The 21-year-old Browne, who had a below the knee amputation after a 2009 accident, said he trialed a variety of running prosthetic foot products before choosing the Catapult foot.

“The Catapult design is completely different than other running feet,” he said. “It provides up to 30% more energy return and directs that energy in a more forward motion, while also allowing me the flexibility to make alignment and stiffness adjustments on the fly.”

He attributes much of his athletic success to a team of supporters, including his family, his coach, sponsor Freedom Innovations, and prosthetist Brett Lee, CP, of ProCare Prosthetics, Jackson, MS.

“I feel truly blessed and thank all of those who’ve helped me come so far in such a short time,” said Browne.

The 2012 Paralympic Games will be held in London, August 29 through September 9.

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