August 2015

Therafirm sponsors Kenyan runner

Kansas City, KA-based Therafirm and Auburn, ME-based Bedard Pharmacy and Medical Supplies are supporting Kenyan runner Moninda Marube on a cross-country run he began July 1 to raise awareness of human trafficking.

Marube came to the US in 2010 to train, but fell victim to a running manager, who kept his winnings. In 2012, Marube ran the Santa Barbara International Marathon, breaking the course record with a time of 2:22:28. The mara­thon’s technical director, Dan Campbell, helped him relocate to Auburn.

In November, he will end his run in California (see updates at by again competing in the Santa Barbara marathon.

Therafirm and Bedard will donate proceeds of sales from the hosiery company’s new sport compression line, which will launch September 1. CoreSport and CoreSpun products sold through March 31, 2016, on Bedard’s website,, will benefit the cause.

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