April 2011

SureStep offers three April courses

South Bend, IN-based SureStep will offer three different courses in the latter part of April, in multiple geographic locations.

The shortest course, good for 2.0 continuing education units, is titled “Making BIG Changes in Little Lives.” Topics will include the mechanics of hypotonia and its effects on daily function, assessment and application of functional principles, and dynamic principles of the orthotic management of hypotonic gait. This course will be held three times in April at three different Georgia locations: April 26 in Atlanta, April 27 in Stone Mountain, and April 28 in Augusta.

Two additional courses worth 5.0 CEUs apiece will be held in the state of Ohio. “New Dynamic Approaches to Orthotic Management of Pediatric Gait” is slated for April 19 in Columbus, and “Pediatric Bracing for Function: Keep Your Kids Active” is scheduled for April 20 in Cincinnati.
All courses will be taught by Bernie Veldman, CO, founder of SureStep. For more information, visit www.surestep.net.

2 Responses to SureStep offers three April courses

  1. Sarah Vizer says:

    I am interested in becoming a provider for the Sure step orthotics for the growing pediatric population in the area. I am having a difficult time finding the Sure Step website to contact them directly.

  2. Suzi Klimek says:

    Hi Sarah, SureStep’s website is http://www.surestep.net. If you’d like to get a list of current SureStep providers in your area, please feel free to give us a call, we’d be happy to help. You can reach our customer support team at: 877-462-0711. We appreciate your interest in our products and hope that we can help the pediatric population in your area!
    The SureStep Team

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