June 2016

Steampunk offers 3D printing classes

Catoosa, OK-based Steampunk Bionics Academy in May announced four new class offerings on 3D printing: an introductory course called 3D Printing in Healthcare, as well as three practice-specific courses in Orthotics, Prosthetics, and Foot Orthotics, which cover scanning, design, and 3D printing of devices.

The academy classes teach students to use a mix of freeware, open-source software, and low-cost commercial scanning and design software, along with inexpensive 3D printing hardware, to put together a full scanning, design, and printing solution for a fraction of the cost of commercial systems.

The academy, a division of Tulsa, OK-based CFS Allied Health Education, is a self-funded, family owned provider of ABC/BOC pre- and postcertification level educational resources to the O&P, pedorthic, podiatric, pharmacy, and general healthcare community.

Visit steampunkbionics.com for more information. 

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