April 2014

Steadman orgs join US Olympic network

The Colorado Springs, CO-based US Olympic Committee in March designated the The Steadman Clinic and affiliated nonprofit Steadman Philippon Research Institute (SPRI) in Vail, CO, as a National Medical Center within the US Olympic Committee’s National Medical Network.

The network was created in August 2013 and now includes two national and five regional medical centers.

The Colorado center will provide evidenced-based orthopedic care to Team USA athletes in the western US, said Marc J. Philippon, MD, SPRI cochair and managing partner of The Steadman Clinic.

“The institute has one of the largest orthopedic patient databases in existence, and its research is published worldwide in peer-reviewed professional journals,” said Karen Briggs, MBA, MPH, SPRI director for outcomes-based orthopaedic research.

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