October 2015

Society works to raise gout awareness

The Gout & Uric Acid Education Society (GUAES) in September released a series of four educational brochures to raise awareness of the serious complications of gout, including heart and kidney disease, diabetes, and stroke.

The patient-focused bro­chures, Gout & Bone/Joint Health, Gout & Diabetes, Gout & Heart Health, and Gout & Kidney Health, are available at at gouteducation.org, the society’s website.

In addition to the brochure series, the society has added content about each main comorbid health issue to the website.

All materials are part of the new “Go for 6” campaign from GUAES, which urges those who have gout to get their uric acid levels checked every six months and to work with their doctor to determine a treatment plan for controlling gout and keeping levels to 6 mg/dL or below.

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