July 2011

Shavelson gets patent for foot typing system, foot-type specific orthotics

Dennis Shavelson, DPM, recently received a U.S. patent for his Functional Foot Typing (FFT) method, FFT Pre-Orthotic Padding system, and Foot Centring orthotics.

Shavelson’s FFT system identifies four possible types for both the rearfoot and the forefoot: rigid, stable, flexible, and flat. Plotting the four rearfoot types horizontally and four forefoot types vertically creates a matrix of 16 boxes, with each box representing a functional foot type for which a type-specific treatment plan can be developed based on conservative care, surgical care, or a combination.

The conservative treatment recommended by the FFT system involves custom foot orthotics designed to support the arches and the vault of the foot to prevent collapse while engaging the foot’s muscles, tendons, and ligaments to improve foot and postural health. Shavelson’s custom-casted Foot Centring orthotics also are foot type-specific.

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