January 2016

Sensoria pairs apps with its smart socks

Redmond, WA-based Sensoria in January announced two new apps that will pair with its smart socks, which integrate textile pressure sensor technology and send gait and walking activity data to an electronic anklet.

The Sensoria Walk app can track steps, cadence, and distance during rehabilitation after a stroke or surgery, with the goal of speeding recovery, and can help monitor activity in patients with neurological dis­orders, said Davide Vigano, Sensoria’s CEO and cofounder.

Sensoria Walk will be available for download in the Apple Store in early 2016.

A second app designed to interface with Sensoria’s smart socks, this one developed by Maine entrepreneurs known as the “Semle brothers,” entered beta testing in January.

Developed with Alzheimer patients in mind, the upBed app will pair with Sensoria’s socks to alert caregivers with a text message when the wearer leaves their bed.

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