August 2014

Self-adapting dressing reduces costs

Santa Clara, CA-based Osnovative Systems reported in July that a study of its self-adaptive wound dressing showed the product reduced wound care costs by 30%.

Clinicians at a Texas wound care center used Any Wound Enluxtra dressings, which have polymers that sense and accommodate different stages of wound healing, to treat 1168 chronic and acute wounds (547 patients), including 432 diabetic foot ulcers.

A single Enluxtra dressing can be used for up to seven days and can replace multiple products for treating diabetic ulcers, including primary foam, alginate, hydro- and hydro-conductive fiber, super-absorbent collagen, hydrocolloid, hydrogel, gauze, and combination dressings.

Simplification of wound care protocols, training, documentation, and inventory management reduced costs, and patients reported improved satisfaction with the self-adaptive dressings. Today’s Wound Clinic published the study results in April.

Medical professionals can request free samples of Enluxtra at

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