February 2021

Proteor Acquires Freedom Innovations from Ottobock

Proteor, a Dijon, France–based company specializing in prosthetic and orthotic solutions, has completed its acquisition of Freedom Innovations, Irvine, CA, and a part of the product portfolio from Ottobock, Duderstadt, Germany. Included in the product portfolio that Proteor will receive are the microprocessor-controlled knee (MPK) Plie3; the Kinnex and Kinterra ankles; and the Agilix, DynAdapt, Sierra, Highlander, and Pacifica carbon feet.

Ottobock acquired Freedom Innovations in September 2017. Shortly thereafter, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) issued an administrative complaint challenging the merger as both companies are top sellers of MPKs. According to the FTC’s complaint, the acquisition harmed competition in the US market for MPKs “by eliminating head-to-head competition between the two companies, removing a significant and disruptive competitor, and entrenching Ottobock’s position as the dominant supplier.” The complaint was upheld in a December 2019 hearing, and the FTC ordered Ottobock to divest the assets of Freedom Innovations to an FTC-approved buyer. With this divesture, Ottobock retains a substantial part of Freedom Innovations’ prosthetic feet business with the Kintrol foot-ankle prosthesis, the Maverick product family, and other carbon feet.

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