January 2013

ProLab acquires FootStride Technology

Napa, CA-based ProLab Orthotics announced in January that it is expanding its custom functional foot orthotic manufacturing business with the acquisition of FootStride Technology, a manufacturer of custom foot orthoses in Snohomish, WA.

FootStride is recognized for its custom foot orthoses and consultation expertise, noted ProLab officials, who said that the company, founded in 1985 by Don Greiert, CPed, is highly regarded by both podiatrists and physical therapists.

“The addition of FootStride to ProLab allows us to continue our leadership role in the orthotic industry. We believe the addition of Don Greiert’s experience and expertise to ProLab’s team will continue to improve our products, services and reputation,” said Paul R. Scherer, DPM, ProLab Orthotics CEO.

One Response to ProLab acquires FootStride Technology

  1. Vincent T. DiPaolo , DPM says:

    Question: Do you measure (and if needed, correct) forefoot deviations. I. e. , Correct for F.F. varus and F. F. valgus? Do y’all report those corrections on your return lab forms? (Most other labs have gotten away from this) Thanks, Dr V. DiPaolo

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