May 2012

Preliminary research supports use of advanced wound care product

The AutoloGel System, made by Gaithersburg, MD-based Cytomedix, shows efficacy for healing chronic wounds, according to three posters presented at the Symposium on Advanced Wound Care (SAWC), held in Atlanta in April. The system uses an individual’s own blood to produce a platelet rich plasma (PRP) gel at patients’ bedside in about 15 minutes.

In one study of 40 individuals with diabetic foot wounds, also published in the April issue of Osteotomy Wound Management, 83% of patients healed in an average of 145.2 days with an average of 6.1 gel applications.

Two smaller studies presented at SAWC, one in spinal cord injury veterans and one in patients at a long-term acute care hospital, also supported the ability of the PRP gel to heal chronic wounds.

The gel is the only FDA-approved chronic wound management product; on May 9 CMS proposed coverage for autologous blood products for chronic wounds through its Coverage with Evidence Development program.

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