May 2017

Podimetrics mat system predicts DFUs

A study epublished on May 2 in Diabetes Care found Somerville, MA-based Podimetrics foot mat and monitoring system, designed to assess plantar temperature asymmetries and predict diabetic foot ulcers (DFUs), detected most DFUs and was well-accepted by patients.

During the 34-week multicenter cohort study, 129 patients with diabetes and prior DFUs used Podimetrics’ Remote Temperature Monitoring System at home. The system analyzed data and shared them wirelessly with investigators.

Of the participants, 37 (28.7%) developed 53 DFUs. At an asymmetry of 2.22° C the standard threshold used in previous studies, the system identified 97% of observed DFUs correctly, with an average lead time of 37 days and a false-positive rate of 57%.

Increasing the temperature threshold to 3.20°C decreased sensitivity to 70% but reduced the false-positive rate to 32%, with the same lead time of 37 days. About 86% of the cohort used the system at least three days a week on average.

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