February 2016

OTWorld will meet in Leipzig in May

The German Association of Orthopaedic Technology plans to hold the OTWorld International Trade Show and World Congress May 3-6 in Leipzig.

The event will feature about 550 exhibitors from 40 countries. Keynote speakers will lecture on the congress’ core disciplines: orthotics, prosthetics, and orthopaedic foot­wear technology. Specific topics include phantom pain, the biomechanics of diabetic foot, cosmetic socket technology, and obesity.

International exhibitors include Basko Healthcare from the Netherlands, Freedom Innovations and Fillauer from the US, the French companies Proteor and Rodin4D, and Endolite, Blatchford & Sons, and Ortho Europe from the UK. Other countries represented include Canada, China, Iceland, Japan, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Taiwan, and the Czech Republic.

Go to ot-world.com for more information.

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