May 2013

OSU plans major sports medicine facility

A multimillion-dollar donation from a local family to The Ohio State University (OSU) in Columbus will fund construction of the largest dedicated sports medicine complex in the country, according to an April release from the university.

The 140,000-square-foot facility will include human performance, computer modeling, and biodynamics labs, imaging facilities, physical therapy and rehabilitation areas, and surgical suites for observation and training.

About 30 members of the Columbus-area Crane family donated $13.5 million to OSU, with most funds going toward establishing the Jameson Crane Sports Medicine Institute. Jameson Crane is a former OSU football player and chairman emeritus of the Crane Group, a family-owned private holding and management business based in Columbus.

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  1. Teri Green says:

    As a resident of Columbus this comes as good news. We can use a state of the art sports medical facility. I recently hurt my rotator cuff and I would have gone to such a center. Thanks for the post.

    Teri Green
    Atlas Biomechanics

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