June 2015

Össur, SpringActive to license bionic ankle

Reykjavik, Iceland-based Össur and Tempe, AZ-based Spring­Active on May 6 jointly announced a licensing agreement between the global provider of advanced prosthetics and the privately held engineering firm that specializes in robotics and powered prosthetic devices.

The agreement calls for Össur’s involvement in the final design, manufacturing, and commer­cialization of Spring­Active’s Odyssey all-terrain prosthetic ankle. The motorized ankle stores and releases energy in a motor-spring compliant actuator to provide a fully powered gait step that is similar to those taken by able-bodied individuals.

SpringActive founder and Director of Technology Thomas Sugar, PhD, MSE, developed the robotic ankle with a team that included four of his former graduate students from Arizona State University in Tempe, where he is associate professor of engineering.

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