July 2017

Orpyx smart insoles used in wound healing

Plastic Surgery Case Studies on June 28 epublished a report detailing the use of Calgary, Canada-based Orpyx’s smart insole system in the management of loss of protective sensation in a patient with a degloving injury of the foot reconstructed with a latissimus dorsi free flap and skin graft.

The authors fitted the patient, a man aged 19 years, with the smart insoles to enable ongoing plantar pressure feedback from the insensate foot and help prevent secondary and tertiary pressure ulceration. The patient used the device for 181 days and had no recurrent ulcers.

The insoles gave providers ongoing data on the patient’s compliance with the prescribed foot care regimen and gave the patient feedback to guide dynamic plantar surface off-loading, wrote the authors, who are Orpyx officers and shareholders.

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