March 2015

Olympian opens Algeos Innovation Suite

Olympic heptathlete Kelly Sotherton on February 24 officially opened Algeos’s £50,000 ($74,000) state-of-the-art medical technology center at Birmingham Metropolitan College’s Matthew Boulton Campus in the UK.

Sotherton, who won a bronze medal for the UK at the 2004 Olympics, launched the Algeos Innovation Suite, which the college’s podiatry students will use for training and providing consultations and treatment for 2,500 patients annually at the 18-chair on-site private clinic.

Alegos, headquartered in the UK in Liverpool, has worked previously with the college as a research partner.

The Innovation Suite offers a range of technologies, including Clearanail for treatment of nail fungus, OptoGait gait analysis technology for movement analysis and functional assessment, and the Podotech Elftman Matrix, a small lightweight device for assessing lower limb activity.

The Innovation Suite’s main focus is podiatry, but students from other fields, such as sport sciences, will be able to access the center’s technology.

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