June 2017

OLT offers 3D-printed custom sandals

Windsor, Canada-based TDL Systems’ OLT Footcare in May began a Kickstarter campaign for its 3D-printed custom sandals.

The sandals feature a full-length 3D-printed custom midsole, custom outsole, and conventional sandal uppers. OLT prints each individual sandal to match the plantar contour, length, and width of each of foot.

Practitioners can take 3D scans with the company’s proprietary scanner or use foam impression boxes from the company to capture 3D details of patients’ feet. The company can also incorporate a prescription for 3D-printed orthoses into the sandals.

OLT’s Kickstarter page indicates the company will begin printing in August, with pricing starting a CA$159 a pair. Go to kickstarter.com or oltfoot.com to learn more.

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