October 2016

Ossur acquires Medi Prosthetics, awards second #MyWinningMoment prize

Reykjavik, Iceland-based Össur announced that, effective September 1, it has acquired Medi Prosthetics, a global provider of mechanical lower limb prosthetic components located in Bayreuth, Germany, with total sales in 2015 of $17 million. Össur expects full integration of the business by 2017.

In October, Foothill Ranch, CA-based Össur USA named 10-year-old Diego Mercado the second #MyWinningMoment winner. Mercado won the online video- or photo-submission contest celebrating amputee mobility and an all-expense-paid trip to Össur’s Running & Mobility Clinic, presented by the Challenged Athletes Foundation, and the 2016 Aspen Medical San Diego Triathlon Challenge in La Jolla, CA.

In his winning video, Mercado, who was born with a congenital condition that resulted in the loss of his left leg and most of the fingers on his left hand, is shown working out with Marine Sergeant Jose Luis Sanchez, flipping a tractor tire that’s taller than he is and outweighs him by several hundred pounds.

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