November 2017

Noraxon launches biomech data hub

Scottsdale, AZ-based Noraxon USA, a leader in human movement metrics and biomechanics research solutions, in November introduced the Ultium biomechanics research system.

The flagship of the Ultium family is the paired Ultium-DASH universal receiver and the Ultium-ESP electromyography (EMG) sensor system.

At the nucleus of the ground­breaking research system is the Ultium-DASH, a wireless hub that receives, synchronizes, and transmits data simultaneously from different sensing devices to the company’s myo­Research software platform. It is capable of simultaneously processing high-fidelity data from up to 16 Ultium sensors at one time.

Engineered with sophisticated EMG technology at its core, the Ultium-ESP sensor is an intelligent, multimodal wireless electronic signal portal that accommodates 10 unique Smart­Leads capable of capturing virtually any type of biometric and physiological data, from any type of hardware. Its design makes it possible to capture, synchronize and analyze high-fidelity biomechanics data in real-time.

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