February 2013

New software facilitates orthosis design

UK-based CAD-CAM giant Delcam launched the new version of OrthoModel, its design software for custom orthotic insoles, at the annual meeting of the Academy of Orthotists & Prosthetists, held this month in Orlando, FL.

The software has developments specifically for accommodative foot orthoses and will benefit practitioners, labs, and  clients needing comfort insoles produced from ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) and similar softer materials.

The design of the foot orthosis can be created from the prescription as it is inputted into the system. Sculpting, cuts, and additions can be added at any stage.

The complete design can be visualized and modified in real time so the practitioner or laboratory can approve the shape being generated before it is sent for manufacturing.

OrthoModel also allows labs and practitioners to embed their own clinical experience into the software to make custom insoles that match their preferred way of prescribing. Delcam customers around the world, including podiatrists, orthotists, and labs, contributed to the new software’s design.

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