November 2016

NBA, AT orgs join to grow youth access

The New York, NY-based National Basketball Strength and Conditioning Coaches Association (NBSCA) in October announced it would form a scientific advisory panel of four experts from various fields within the strength and conditioning community to provide continuing education and sharing of best practices to its members.

Physical therapy expert Mike Clark, DPT, founder, chair, and CEO of Alpharetta, GA-based Fusionetics, a performance healthcare system company that helps athletes understand, monitor, and improve performance joins research expert Darin A. Padua, PhD, ATC, professor and chair of the Department of Exercise and Sport Science at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; coaching science expert Nick Winkelman, PhD, CSCS, head of Athletic Performance & Science for the Irish Rugby Football Union in Dublin; and recovery expert Barnett S. Frank, MA, a resident sports medicine consultant for the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

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