July 2016

NATA meeting research highlights mechanical effects of cleats, tape

Studies presented June 25 at the annual meeting of the National Athletic Trainers Association (NATA), held this year in Baltimore, reported on the effectiveness of the Under Armour high-top football cleats for controlling ankle inversion/ eversion and on the adhesive properties of three brands of elastic therapeutic tape.

Investigators from the University of Delaware in Newark compared ankle joint laxity and postural control in 32 interscholastic football players while they wore the Baltimore-based company’s Highlight cleat or a mid/low-cut cleat and ankle tape applied to the nondominant ankle.

They measured balance and ankle inversion/eversion for the two conditions before and after a football practice. The mid/low-cut cleat with tape condition had significantly higher inversion/eversion rotation postexercise compared with the Highlight cleat condition.

Researchers from the University of San Diego in California compared adhesion over five days among three brands of elastic therapeutic tape (ETT). They recruited 20 healthy volunteers, aged 18-65 years, and randomized them to receive simultaneous applications of two de-identified ETT brands on either side of their lower backs, collecting digital photograph data at one hour, three days, and five days.

The evaluators, who demon­strated a high degree of inter-rater reliability, found that Akron, OH-based TheraBand’s tape provided significantly better adhesion over five days compared with the other brands.

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