August 2019

MedShape Launches DynaNail Mini Fusion System

MedShape, Atlanta, GA, an orthopedic device manufacturer, announced the launch of its DynaNail Mini™ Fusion System, which is available in 7mm and 8mm diameters and 60mm to 100mm lengths. Featuring MedShape’s patented superelastic nickel titanium (NiTiNOL) technology, the DynaNail Mini is the first orthopedic device designed specifically for subtalar fusion that offers maintained active compression post-surgery to promote healing and joint stability, according to the company. NiTiNOL and its pseudoelastic properties have been shown to be advantageous in applications where dynamic compression is required to facilitate healing of a fusion site. The double transverse screw design ensures solid fixation, with no migration or loosening.

During surgery, a NiTiNOL Compressive Element is held in the stretched activated position and fixated with transverse screws in the talus and calcaneus. Post-surgery, the Compressive Element will automatically recover its stretched length in response to bone resorption or settling, allowing for compression to be maintained throughout the healing process. Manual compression can also be applied during surgery using the Mini Targeting Frame ensuring tight bone apposition immediately post-surgery. The frame also features a robust, universal one-arm design that allows for reliable drilling and screw placement. The DynaNail Mini comes packaged with the Compressive Element pre-stretched on a disposable Nail Guide that is attached to the Targeting Frame, thereby reducing the number of steps in the operating room.

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