May 2022

Mayo Clinic Launches Limb Loss and Preservation Registry

Mayo Clinic has launched the Limb Loss and Preservation Registry, a national collaborative warehouse for data on people who have lost limbs. The goal of the registry is to generate knowledge about which advances make a difference in the care of people with limb loss and limb difference. Mayo, which is in sole charge of developing the registry, has been compiling a network of healthcare team members, researchers, regulators, industry representatives, and patient groups to communicate their goals and collect information that has not previously been assembled.

The project aims to alleviate significant data gaps about limb loss in the United States. In some cases, available statistics are over 2 decades old, and longitudinal data has never been collected. The registry will help manufacturers with data and feedback on how to improve the next generation of prosthetic devices. It will show insurers possible alternatives to amputation and how devices can improve patient lives. Data will help hospitals and therapists understand long-term use of prostheses and reasons why problems may occur after patients leave rehabilitation centers. Overall, the registry will help clinicians make the best-informed considerations about prostheses and treatments.

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