April 2013

Levy & Rappel offers free 3D scanners

Levy & Rappel is offering a free Delcam iQube mini scanner to practitioners who dispense a high volume of custom orthotic devices.

David Kramer, owner of Saddle Brook, NJ-based Levy & Rappel, said the scanners will increase practitioners’ efficiency and save them time and money.

Weighing only 14 g, the portable and versatile 3D scanner made by Salt Lake City, UT-based Delcam can be used to capture data directly from the patient’s foot in non-, semi-, or weight-bearing modes, or to scan traditional plaster casts or foam-box impressions. Data are then emailed directly to Levy & Rappel, along with patient information and an order form for manufacture of custom foot orthoses.

The process eliminates the costs and delays associated with delivering casts or foam boxes, and in-house turn around time is reduced to three days.

For information about volume requirements or for other questions, contact Kramer at info@levyandrappel.com or 800/564-LEVY (5389).

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