January 2012

KineMedics inks deal to distribute AFX foot-ankle strengthening system

Ottawa, Ontario-based Kine­Medics has signed a deal with another Canadian company, Port Moody, BC-based Progressive Health Innovations (PHI) to distribute PHI’s AFX (Ankle Foot Maximizer), a strengthening system for the ankle and foot complex.

The AFX system’s variety of resistance bands allow for balanced strengthening through a complete range of motion. The AFX has multiple uses, from early stage rehabilitation to high-performance athletic training. The flexible foot support provides excellent grip, allows the user to arch or extend the foot and toes, strengthens intrinsic muscles, and ensures proper anatomical alignment regardless of foot length.

“The AFX is the perfect complement to our portfolio of rehabilitation products,” said KineMedics President Mark Simonson. “The simple design makes it easy for both patients and clinicians to incorporate it into their therapy protocols. The system is based on solid scientific principles and, for a new product, already has a great track record of effectiveness, even in complex and chronic injury cases. It’s the perfect addition to any therapist’s toolbox for the management of foot and ankle injuries.”

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