October 2014

JBIT MedPro system sees strong sales

Missouri City, TX-based JB3 Innovations’ JBIT MedPro lower limb strengthening device has experienced 5000% growth over the past 18 months, the company announced in September.

Former National Basketball Association player Jonathan Bender invented the device to help relieve his chronic knee pain. It can be used during athletic activities and incorporates a harness and two lengths of rubber tubing bands to apply tensile forces between points just behind the hips and the posterior aspect of the ankles.

A biomechanical analysis of the device by researchers at Purdue University in Lafayette, IN, suggests that it increases the necessary force in all the muscles surrounding the knee, while improving the load balance between the medial and lateral sides. The findings have been submitted for publication to the International Journal of Rehabilitation and Health.

The company also recently introduced its Boost Therapy program, which provides online therapy sessions for consumers through its new website, jbitmed

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