May 2018

Iowa governor signs the Physical Therapy Licensure Compact

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds signed into law April 4, 2018 the Physical Therapy Licensure Compact (House File 2425). The compact is an agreement between member states to improve access to physical therapy services by increasing the ability of physical therapists to work in multiple states. The new law found great support from the Iowa Physical Therapy Association (IPTA) and students and faculty from the Des Moines University (DMU) doctor of physical therapy program

HF2425 improves patient access to physical therapy services and reduces administrative burden on providers by codifying licensure portability. “This [new law] eases the process for physical therapists to seek interstate licensure, which will facilitate the licensure process for individuals in the military, traveling therapists, therapists traveling with athletic teams, or those relocating due to a family member’s employment change,” said Catherine Stevermer, an associate professor of physical therapy at DMU.

Iowa is the 17th state to join the compact, with an additional 5 considering adoption this year. For more information about the compact, including a map of member states, please visit the official website at

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