June 2015

HSS gets $2.76M sports injury grant

The New York, NY-based Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) on May 13 reported it had received a $2.76 million grant from HSS board member James Dinan and his wife, Elizabeth Miller, through The Dinan Family Foundation to establish a program aimed at preventing injuries in young athletes.

After reviewing evidence-based best practices, members of the five-year HSS Sports Medicine Injury Prevention Program will launch a comprehensive campaign to raise injury prevention awareness among the public and professionals, initially focusing on anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tears.

The program will go on to provide training and skills enhancement for coaches and athletic trainers on ACL injury prevention techniques and on teaching ACL injury and prevention strategies to children and their parents.

Program leaders also envision the creation of YouTube videos aimed at children and parents, according to an HSS release.

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