April 2013

High-tech boot debuts at AAOS meeting

DJO Global introduced its Air­Select suite of high-performance walking boots in late March to an audience of lower extremity professionals at the Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Orthopaedic  Surgeons, held in Chicago.

Part of DJO Global’s Aircast brand, the AirSelect line replaces its existing pneumatic walking boot technology with clinically tested innovations.

These enhancements help  speed healing of stable fractures of the lower leg, foot, and ankle, as well as severe ankle sprains, while reducing edema and enhancing comfort, according to the Vista, CA-based company.

The AirSelect Elite features a selector dial and integrated inflation system that allows patients to select each aircell independently for a customized fit.

The boot also features layers that incorporate multiple aircells into the shell to provide pulsating compression to help reduce edema, relieve pain, and promote healing.

The AirSelect Elite also takes advantage of the company’s SoftStrike technology, a matrix of shock-absorbing material that provides structured cushioning for the heel.

The boot’s low-profile rock­er sole encourages a natural gait, and its shell design incorporates vents that maximize airflow and minimize mass.

The new AirSelect walking boots also include AirSelect Standard and AirSelect Short.

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