November 2012

Healthline launches online surgical guide for total knee replacement

San Francisco-based Healthline Networks introduced a new online consumer health resource in October, the Surgical Procedure Guide for Total Knee Replacement Surgery.

The guide is aimed at individuals who are considering or have undergone total knee replacement surgery (TKR). It offers two major decision support tools that allow users to estimate the cost of care and evaluate surgery-specific hospital information about risks and complications associated with TKR.

The cost estimator helps consumers understand costs and identify average out-of-pocket costs for visits and services typically accrued between three months before TKR and a year after the surgery.

In addition, Healthline’s data mining and analysis provides a hospital’s revision rate for knee replacement regardless of whether both surgeries (initial and revision) took place at that hospital.

The Surgical Procedure Guide tool is part of Healthline’s participation in the US Department of Health and Human Services’ (HHS) Health Data Initiative, a public-private partnership that promotes development of accessible formats for robust HHS data that consumers can use to inform health decisions.

Patients can access the guide at The company plans to follow this resource with additional surgical procedure guides.

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