March 2022


Hanger, Austin, TX, has awarded its 9th annual Partner Awards to 5 companies for their role in providing products and services used to deliver orthotic and prosthetic care and empower patients’ lives, as follows:

  • The Rising Star Award recognizes an emerging leader driving industry change. Clinect received the award due to factors including providing excellent service through their automated electronic communications, which not only share critical information with patients, but have helped Hanger capture Net Promoter Score responses and outcomes data.
  • The Collaboration Award is granted to a partner that made outstanding contributions resulting in shared success. Spinal Technology was recognized with the award for factors including their collaboration with Hanger Clinic clinicians on challenging cases and post-fitting evaluations, as well as their excellent customer service, consistency, and ease of doing business.
  • The Innovation Award recognizes a partner that has exhibited expansive thinking in product innovation and technology, resulting in positive clinical outcomes. Point Designs was chosen to receive the award due to their work leveraging advanced 3D-printing technology to manufacture high-strength prosthetic fingers for people with partial hand amputations. Their ratcheting, positionable designs help users regain functionality to return to work and their daily activities.
  • The Operational Performance Award is granted to a partner that outperformed industry benchmarks in quality, efficiency, and cost containment. Alps received the award due to factors including outstanding fulfillment rates and on-time deliveries, being a valued partner in cost savings initiatives, and supporting Hanger’s clinicians through education to ensure quality outcomes.
  • The Clinicians’ Choice Award recognizes a partner that consistently went above and beyond to support Hanger clinicians and their patients. Blatchford was chosen to receive the award due to factors including their superlative customer service; being supportive in education, order support, and post-delivery support; and always going above and beyond to help clinicians provide the best possible care to patients.

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