November 2018

Grant Awarded to Develop AI App to Monitor Patient Movements

A group led by Cambridge Bio-Augmentation Systems (CBAS) was awarded a £865,000 grant by Innovate UK to develop an advanced artificial intelligence (AI) platform that analyzes patients’ daily physical movements. The solution will apply to a wide range of conditions and help clinicians make data-informed decisions about patient progress and well being, with the aim of improving care and providing greater insight for patients and their families

CBAS has developed the AI platform and will be trialing it with Andiamo’s 3D-printed orthoses and CUSH Health’s smart device for elderly patients at risk of falls. Groups of patients will trial wearable devices on their orthoses and devices in their daily lives over a few months, and the readings analyzed by the AI platform will then be validated by Queen Mary University’s Human Performance Laboratory — the results so far have been shown to be 96% accurate. The lab will also explore how to apply the technology to movement measurements. The ultimate aim for a finished product is to help clinicians deliver better care and add greater insight and support for patients and their families.

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