March 2021

German Non-Profit Launches Open-Access Database for Orthopedic-Related Research

The non-profit German Society for Interprofessional Aid Supply e. V. (DGIHV) has launched a new, open-access, bilingual database for scientific research projects and studies in the field of orthopedics and orthopedic aids. The aim is to bring together international and interdisciplinary research. Included are clinical studies, meta-analyses as well as project reports, individual case studies, and master theses that are planned for the future, are in process, or have already been completed. The scope for suitable projects includes orthotics, prosthetics, shoe technology, conservative orthopedics, surgery (amputations, deformities, diabetic foot, etc.), rehabilitation science, engineering, sports science, materials research, etc.

The database is aimed at science, specialist companies and organizations, health policy, industry, and the media. The database is searchable by project title, summary, keywords (will be developed systematically), project management organizations, and all persons involved in the project.

Project leaders and teams can enter their research projects. Each entry is immediately public and can be changed at any time if necessary. DGIHV will read every entry and if anything is unclear, the party who posted the entry will be contacted.

Questions, comments, and suggestions can be directed to To access the database, visit

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