October 2017

Footmaxx fits fishmongers with orthoses

Roanoke, VA-based Footmaxx in September partnered with Seattle’s Pike Place Fish Market to deliver its custom Voyager orthoses to its fishmongers, who are known for their fish-throwing flair.

“Voyager is one of our signature orthotics and contains technology we knew would benefit them,” explained Lindsay Smith, Footmaxx marketing coordinator. “They’re on their feet for twelve to sixteen hours each day on concrete floors. Many complained about soreness in their lower backs, knees, and hips. Voyager contains Poron cushioning technology in the midlayer to absorb punishing shock, while the SmartTech topcover contains Outlast to regulate temperature and keep the feet cool, Dri-Freeze to provide maximum moisture management, and Cleansport NXT to fight odor.”

Footmaxx brought its 3Dmaxx scanners to the market to get volumetric data from the feet of all the market’s 18 fishmongers and a few days later delivered the customized full-length carbon-edged semirigid Voyager orthoses.

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